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Chasing Sunsets, London 2008

When I’m jetlagged, one of my favourite ways of passing the time is to dig up some of my older travel pictures. Exactly three years ago I was spending the summer in London, working as an intern at a multinational firm and living across the road from the spires of St. Pancras. Before I left I decided to take advantage of the long days, sprinting around the city (via the underground) to some of its most recognisable sites. Read more

Dim Sum Diaries, Hong Kong

Heavenly morsels

It’s been exactly ten days since I moved back to Hong Kong. Although my Spanish adventures are over for now, I still have many stories to share from the past month of European travels. Here is a little introduction as I begin blogging about life in this pulsating Asian metropolis. Read more

My Salamanca: Three Bite-sized Pieces

It’s easy to eat well in Salamanca. Whether it’s bar-hopping on Calle Van Dyck, the best tapas street in town, or sinking your teeth into the local jamón, this student city is an affordable stopping point on a gastronomic tour of central Spain. The local dishes can be heavy, but don’t let that stop you from buying a slice of chorizo-filled hornazo or digging into a tender chunk of grilled veal.

After nine months as a resident salmantino, I’ve drawn up a quick list of some of my favourite places to eat and drink – gratuitous photos included. Read more