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Posts tagged ‘Tenerife’

The Journey to El Teide.

My first impression of Tenerife was not of a beach, nor of palm trees and coastal resorts. Instead it was a sea of clouds and then the sudden appearance of a conical peak, dazzling in its beauty and draped in a layer of freshly fallen snow. I instantly thought of Mt. Fuji but there was something about this mountain that made it even more alluring. Read more

Lost for Words – La Orotava, Tenerife.

¿Puedo ayudarte, cariño?Can I help you, Darling?

I was stunned. No one on the Spanish mainland had ever addressed me as such, least of all a stranger in a sports shop.  “¿Tenéis bañadores?” I asked. In my haste to come I had forgotten to pack a pair of swimming trunks. She sauntered over to a nearby clothes rack and pointed to a trio of brightly coloured briefs. “We only have these ones…” Read more

Tenerife Dreaming – Masca Gorge and Back.

What do you do when you get a 5-day weekend in early December? For those of us in Salamanca, the answer was obvious: plan a brilliant escape to the Canaries. Read more