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Labuan Bajo sunset

Flores, Indonesia, June 2014

Not sure where to start? Here is a small collection of some of my favourite posts, grouped into a handful of categories. Some address recurring themes that have cropped up in my travels, while others are dedicated to a particular place or region.

Facing up to the past

Lessons of forgiveness and reconciliation:

Beyond Cholon, the scars of history
Taipei and the politics of memory
The voice from Rwanda
Dili to Venilale: the road of remembrance

Another Taiwan

The journey to wild, far-flung Orchid Island:

The Tze-Chiang Express
Orchid Island: battleship of the Tao
Syaman’s exchange

Europe in Asia

A legacy written in stone and brick:

Gallic echoes in old Saigon
Borrowed place, borrowed time
Shamian Island: outpost of the West
Macau: South China’s melting pot
Bandung moderne: Indonesia Art Deco

Indonesia dreaming

Volcanic moonscapes and ritual dances:

Breathless at Mount Bromo
ough and ready in Jakarta
Ubud, Bali: an artist’s dream
A night at Ubud Palace
Pura Tirta Empul: the sacred spring

East of Bali

Adventures beyond the fabled isle:

Summitting Rinjani
Looking for paradise, Southern Lombok
Sikka and the House of da Silva
Kelimutu: like water for chocolate
Komodo: the land before time

Nihiwatu: on the edge of dreams
The sword master’s son

Fragrant Harbour

Introducing some of Hong Kong’s lesser-known facets:

Postcards from Shek O
Dragon Boat Season
Mascots in peril
Sai Kung: a second helping
The things I take for granted

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  1. Michael #

    I was referred to your website by WordPress. I am interested in traveling more in Asia. I hope to use your blog to learn more about the area before I travel there.

    January 15, 2015
    • Thanks for the comment, Michael. Hopefully my stories will be helpful and informative reading!

      January 16, 2015

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