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An ode to British summers

View down the River Avon, Bath

Summers in Britain can be hit-and-miss, governed by the famously unpredictable weather patterns that are such a talking point among the local populace. Last Friday we witnessed a spectacular opening ceremony for the Olympics, celebrating British culture and featuring several key episodes of the nation’s history. Watching these clips brought pangs of nostalgia for the rainy islands that I called home for four influential years of my life. Read more

Chasing Sunsets, London 2008

When I’m jetlagged, one of my favourite ways of passing the time is to dig up some of my older travel pictures. Exactly three years ago I was spending the summer in London, working as an intern at a multinational firm and living across the road from the spires of St. Pancras. Before I left I decided to take advantage of the long days, sprinting around the city (via the underground) to some of its most recognisable sites. Read more

Honey-coloured sunsets – Bath, England.

The end of my whirlwind tour around Western Europe was a signal that my life was about to take a very different course. After 4½ years of study, I was going to leave England for good. Read more

Of Quads and Dreaming Spires – Oxford, England.

When we arrive in Oxford, it dawns on me that I am a walking example of the stereotypical Asian tourist, except with a very big twist. My partner in crime is Ángela, a Spanish exchange student I met back in January. Armed with our big cameras and speaking primarily in Spanish, we went from college to college, confounding many of the locals along the way. Read more

Liver Birds and Lambananas – Liverpool, England.

“You’re going to Liverpool?” The barber’s eyes widened, as though I had just told him I was off to some no-man’s land in Iraq or Afghanistan. Read more

Myths, Ruins and Magnificent Isolation: Glastonbury, England

If historic ruins are your thing and you ever find yourself in South West England, then forget Stonehenge – go to Glastonbury instead. Without a car it is harder to reach, but with a little knowledge of the local bus network it is less than 2 hours away from Bath.

Read more

Easter Morning: Bath, United Kingdom

When you live somewhere long enough, it’s easy to become desensitized to the very things that make it special. When we think of traveling we often neglect places closer to home in favour of more “exotic” destinations further afield. Read more