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Hong Kong for the holidays


When I moved to Indonesia last May, I promised my parents I would be back for Christmas. But it was a strange feeling to return to a place where I’d lived for nearly 20 years. Apart from a high-rise hotel taking shape on the Kowloon waterfront, and a handful of other construction sites, it appeared that my hometown had barely changed at all. Read more

Hong Kong, 300 Metres Up

Victoria Harbour

For any visitor to Hong Kong – first-time or otherwise – there is one view that is worth the heat, the long queues, and the sea of merchandise that awaits on the mountaintop. And part of the allure is the journey itself – in a rickety old tram that shudders as it climbs the hillside at a 45-degree angle. Welcome to Victoria Peak, the home of billionaires, overpriced restaurants and our very own Madame Tussauds. Read more