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Travel Plans: June 2010

A few months ago I decided that life would be a lot more interesting if I said “yes” to more things. So on a slow February evening, when an old friend in Madrid suggested I drop by for a visit, I instantly took her up on the offer. That night we set aside 5 days in the middle of June for a mini-grad trip of sorts. With cheap flights flying from nearby Bristol and the promise of free accommodation, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Early last week I had the sudden urge to expand my travel plans and visit a country that I hadn’t been to before. As I sat there contemplating this new idea, another friend sent me a message asking about my summer plans as she was relocating to Belgium for a 6-month internship. Despite 4 years of living here in England I have never visited the nearby Low Countries – so I figured that this was the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway sometime after Madrid.

Within the week we confirmed the dates and booked Eurostar train tickets to Brussels – and not a moment too soon. The very next day the ash cloud hit and Eurostar prices shot up. With much of European airspace shut down, it was clear that some had started panic buying for the summer months.

I can only count myself lucky to have continental Europe at my doorstep. Over the years this has made it possible to take short breaks to Paris, Berlin and parts of Spain. And with an exciting 10-day grad trip just 2 months away, I have all the motivation I need to finish my bachelor’s degree. All it demands is 5 weeks of hard work… and then I will be free to pursue the things I really love.

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