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The Beginning of the Adventure

7:30 pm. I left the studio for the last time and slowly made my way home. As the bus trundled down the hill I was treated to the most majestic view of the city: the setting sun cast hues of gold onto the honey-coloured stone buildings, and its soft light reflected in the multitude of Georgian sash windows. Bath looked as beautiful as ever. I admired the view and breathed a great sigh of relief – it is quite the feeling knowing that 4½ years of university are practically over. And what a tough 4½ years it has been.

Tomorrow I leave for Liverpool – my first foray into the mysterious area of England known as “the North”. In my years of living here I have become very much intrigued by Liverpool’s history as one of Britain’s greatest port cities. Perhaps it should come as no surprise, considering that I grew up in another city founded on the very same ideas of maritime trade and commerce.

The plan is to stay for 3 nights at a friend’s house for a mini-reunion of old housemates, before coming back to prepare for next week’s trip to Madrid. I can only dream of my travels in this coming month of June – 20 days, 4 countries, and some of the most memorable times with friends and family.

And along the way I will be taking pictures and writing about each destination. It is not really intended as a guide on what to see and do – though it will certainly have some element of that – but it’s more like a personal log of my thoughts, experiences and discoveries in each place. And should you decide to visit any of those destinations in the future, I hope that my entries can help you understand what it is like to be there.

Now let the adventure begin!

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