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On gratitude for creature comforts

Baluran guesthouse

I am writing this from my bed at the airport hotel in Surabaya, Indonesia. The sheets are crisp and spotless; the room is a soothing palette of white, lime green and wooden surfaces coloured a gentle cinnamon brown. Read more

Why we travel

Kelimutu Flores

“Where are you going to play this summer?”

It sounds strange in English, but in Cantonese, those are the exact words people ask this time of year. The phrase seems innocuous enough, although part of me wonders at the implication that travel is merely entertainment. Have we reduced it to little more than something we consume? Perhaps a temporary escape from the drudgery of our daily routine? Read more

On bad travel writing

Sunset at Candidasa, Bali

The headline was typical of so many articles shared on Facebook; it employed superlatives and throwaway adjectives, enticing readers with the promise of revealing Asia’s secret destinations.

50 Most Stunning Lesser-Known Places In Asia You’d Love To Go, it shouted. Read more

Travel Plans: June 2010

A few months ago I decided that life would be a lot more interesting if I said “yes” to more things. So on a slow February evening, when an old friend in Madrid suggested I drop by for a visit, I instantly took her up on the offer. That night we set aside 5 days in the middle of June for a mini-grad trip of sorts. With cheap flights flying from nearby Bristol and the promise of free accommodation, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Read more